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вторник, 27 ноября 2012 г.

Impressions, October trip to Boston

This October I was in the US for the first time on a two-week business trip. I am a CTO of LangPrism, and my friend, CEO and co-founder Alex Efremov and I were invited to participate in a Startup Access program in Boston, MA. This educational program gives start-ups from Russia an opportunity to get acquainted with the Boston entrepreneurship ecosystem, to establish business contacts, and to learn about American best business practices.
LaGuardia airport, NYC, Alex Efremov and Georgiy Savchenko (left to right)

Of course, being in America for the first time was fascinating. So I have decided to write down my thoughts and impressions – mostly for myself to remember, but also for others. I chose to write in English so that my American and non-Russian friends can read my notes and compare to their own thoughts.

To me, it is always interesting to learn about how my own country is perceived by others. Here are some notes about Russia by MIT Sloan faculty director, Bill Aulet, that he made after his trip to Moscow. I decided to write my notes in similar fashion with clear points and brief descriptions. Mostly I cover every-day things such as: lifestyle, food, and also my experience learning about entrepreneurship in America. Please, also note, that I was only in Boston and NYC, so I am pretty sure that things may be different in the rest of the US.